Why “Three Forty-Four”?

The title is taken from the opening lyric of the Powderfinger song “Hindley Street”:

A gentle winter haze creeps in at three forty-four

I guess I just really like that line, so it stuck.

I also like to think of it as the time of day when inspiration hits. By 3:44pm I’ve usually just had my third (or sometimes fourth) coffee of the day in preparation for the last hour of work. I typically find some extra fuel in the tank and my motivation to write peaks.

This blog

Within this blog you’ll see infrequent posts about some type of entertainment or cultural happening.

I’m interested in film & television reviewing/critique and awards discussion, but I don’t like adding to the noise, so to speak – instead I’ll only post if I have a unique take or need to get something off my chest. I use a Letterboxd diary to record my ratings or random thoughts about the films I watch, which you can view here.

I’m interested in talking about music, and while I have musical ability and knowledge, I’m not musically educated – so don’t expect too much insight. Also, I think music is the most subjective form of art; a person’s music taste is like DNA – everyone has it but it’s different for everyone.

I’m interested in popular culture experiences. I’ve studied media, communication and cultural studies at university, so my brain is trained to be alert in these issues.

So essentially, you can expect scattered thoughts, musings, introspections, reflections, insights and opinions that may or may not be worth a read.