Spectre: Casino Royale 4 or Skyfall 2?

So the trailer for the latest Bond film was released today, and I have one stand out observation.

The film is obviously a continuation of Skyfall. I mean, Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) even mentions the word. It seems that the film will deal with the aftermath of the MI6 restructure, following the loss of M (Judi Dench), which seems logical and presents an interesting direction. This would make Spectre the second Bond ‘sequel’ since Quantum of Solace. However, the Mr. White reveal suggests that Spectre is a continuation of all three of the previous films, back to Casino Royale. They seem to be digging up Bond’s past again, but will Spectre carry across any of the themes Skyfall introduced into this new film? It would seem appropriate, right?

Regardless, it’s an interesting approach and if I had to guess, I would say that the intention is to eventually wrap up Daniel Craig’s Bond spell as a coherent trajectory of films within the Bond series. A series within a series. But, I guess this is just spectrelation (couldn’t help myself).

Check out the trailer below and revel in the wonder of this image:



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